La Luna del Amazonas

Ayahuasca retreat outside Iquitos, Peru

November 10, 2020

The hard problem, Ayahuasca and Near death experiences.

I’ve never really been into NDEs, and never had one myself. I guess for most of my life, I would just disregard them as some nut crazy experience without any substance.

However, about a year ago, one of the leading neurologists in Sweden called me up for an interview. He was writing a book on the subject, and had come to see how strikingly close the NDEs are to DMT/Ayahuasca experiences. I’ve had heard about that before, but since then I have been reading quite a lot about other peoples NDEs, and also found that there is something strikingly similar.

Many times when I read someones near death experience, I would no be able to tell if it was a NDE or an ayahuasca experience from a guest last night.

So what is so interesting with this?

Mainstream science, still stuck in a reductionist materialistic paradigm, could thru NDEs open up for something beyond todays accepted dogma, and maybe one day solve whats called “the hard problem”.

Could consciousness survive the death of the physical body?

The NDEs are many times well documented, and we can’t discard them as a bizarre trip induced by drugs.
They are indeed real. They are real to the one who experiences them. Same as with ayahuasca. And the aftermath is also very similar. Many who had NDEs, explains how they have lost the fear of death, but also how they have started to appreciate life as never before. They have found purpose and meaning.

While science is still young studying this phenomena, it could in the future come to the same conclusions that shamans and mystics of the world have been saying for thousands of years: Consciousness is creating matter, and not the other way around.

And the spiritual realms are as real as this sensory realm (physical reality). And no, there is no such thing as death, just transition. Taking it a step further, we could also start to explore and map the spirit realms thru induced states of altered consciousness.

If you look at art from tibetan meditation monks you will find something strikingly similar in the art painted in the jungle from ayahuasca journeys.

Unfortunately my own painting skills are very limited because I decided in early years that I could not paint, so I never developed any skills.

However, a few years ago Ive got a cell phone with a pen inside, so I have painted some of my visions on the phone, and I aim to post a few of them and explain a little about the experience.

This first one, is from my very first ayahuasca experience, my third ceremony, that would turn around completely my worldview. Ill write more about the experience next time!

Until then, stay safe!!


I end with a quote from Ervin Laszlo and a more scientific point of view about NDE research:

“Based on my NDE research, I conclude that our waking consciousness, which we experience as our daily consciousness, is only a complementary aspect of our whole and infinite nonlocal consciousness. This consciousness is based on indestructible and constantly evolving fields of information, where all knowledge, wisdom, and unconditional love are present and available, and these fields of consciousness are stored in a dimension beyond our concept of time and space with nonlocal and universal interconnectedness. One could call this our higher consciousness, divine consciousness, or cosmic consciousness. It’s the Akashic field to which conditions at the portals of death provide a special kind of access.” ― Ervin Laszlo

November 1, 2020

We are now open and possibly with heard immunity!

The Covid-19 crisis has been really hard on Perú and our region Loreto. On the other hand there is finally some light in the end of the tunnel. Several who reports that Loreto has herd immunity (more than 70% show antibodies) towards Covid-19 and the life has pretty much gone back to normal. Apart from tourism.

The lively boulevard that used to be the epicentre of international travellers in Iquitos is still empty from visitors who used to come from all continents to experience the greatest rainforest of the world. Or others who came for ancient healing, spiritual development or, as Michael Pollan puts it: the betterment of well people, to experience the mother of all teaching plants, ayahuasca. But, there are already a few brave starting to come in this year as Peru opens it’s borders on November 1st, after 8 months closed.

I’m not gonna recommend anyone to travel, but I won’t warn anyone from it either. Each one has to take their responsibility in this, and depending on your personal circumstances you have to take your own decision. Similar to the medicine. We don’t advice you to drink ayahuasca, unless you feel called. And for those who do feel called, we facilitate a safe, authentic healing retreat with high standards of ethics.

Personally I think that it’s a good time to travel just for the fact that it will be very difficult to find a time when there is so few other tourists around. In Machu Picchu there was a tourist from Japan who was completely alone :).

Now when they officially open from November 1st, there will be a limitation of 675 entrants per day, compared to previous 2-3000 a day. I travelled back to Peru in October 2020 from Sweden, and the trip was smooth. Just make sure you have your Covid-19 test document, as per now, no later than 72 hours before your flight. PDF was ok!

The lockdown has also been a financially disaster for any project that survives on foreign contributions. On March 16 the country got locked down for 8 months, and all our financial contributions got cut out.

Now in November, the country is slowly opening up flights from Canada and US again, and Europe should follow the next few weeks. However the world situation continue somewhat tricky for travels in some countries.
In order to survive our projects, the universe has put us together and joined forces with Don Guidos eldest brother Don Luis for 2021. Read more about him at our family page. The changes will in reality be really small, but there will certainly be a few improvements from last year since we we will have an even stronger and more knowledgable team of shamans, and the whole family working together.

Further, we can now offer both private baths and showers in all guest bungalows and a bigger malkoa (temple), secured from all snakes or unwelcome insects. Our workshops will also focus more on the local culture and healing techniques (Amazonian ayahuasca shamanism) instead of yoga or other far away traditions. In our medicinal plant tour, you will be able to purchase some of the plants presented in powder form, perfectly legal to bring home to make your own infusions. These plants are all local grown from the jungle, and are great immune system boosters, and can be taken on a daily basis.

Our calendar is not yet up, but we handle all reservations manually meanwhile.

Luz, paz y amor

September 6, 2020

It's been a challenging year for most, and La Luna is no exception.

From one day to another, on March 16, Peru went into one of the strictest lockdowns in the world.

The landscape changed completely in a day. The lively streets in Iquitos, with busy markets and chatting people turned into an apocalyptic scene strictly patrolled by military and police. Millions of people worldwide have lost their jobs and in a third world country such as Peru, the economic impact has been a true disaster for many families who already lived in a strained situation. Many cannot afford to put food on the tables anymore.

In the west, we have seen a similar situation but not as close to be as affected as the developing countries.

But it's not all painted in black.

There are certainly some benefits we can draw from all this. Pachamama has taken some time to heal herself, and in many places the otherwise polluted air got breathable, the poisoned water got clean and endangered sea turtles have hatched on deserted beaches. Otherwise stressed people striving for economic success, escaping reality with mindless consumption, alcohol and meaningless conversations, got a forced break and valuable time to reflect.

What are we doing to ourselves and the world we inhabit?

Can we take any good out of this, can this crisis be an opportunity to evolve as human species, or do we go back to business as usual?

I don't know. It seems to me that most strive to go back to business as usual. But maybe we can do it a little differently. I don't think we should stop travelling, but maybe we can pass that flight crossing the Atlantic for a shopping weekend Stockholm-New York.

Maybe we can find a more meaningful and sustainable way of filling our emptiness than with mindless consumption and accumulation of external things.

Maybe we can love not only our neighbours, but also those in Africa, Asia, South America and all other places far away from the western society.

Maybe we can reflect little more, and put some effort on the real threats to humanity. If you haven't heard about the doomsday clock, I recommend you spending some time on their website. It's now closer than ever, 100 seconds to midnight.

Maybe we can just love little more.

But how can we change?

The living legend of consciousness and transpersonal psychology research, MD Stanislav Grof, has pointed out the importance of inner transformations as maybe the only hope we have left to avert a disaster from which there is no return.

In his lecture Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research from the conference World Psychedelic Forum in Basel ( he states:

“One of the really important and essential implications of working with holotropic states, was the understanding of some really deep roots of those two forces that have driven human history, which is this unbridled violence and insatiable greed...

We see those forces operate throughout history, but now it’s a different ball game. We are now facing a situation of population explosion, development of atomic weapons, we have about eight doomsday scenarios, we are poisoning the plankton in the oceans, we are deforesting the planet, we turn fossil fuels into stuff that are poisonous for us as organic creatures, so it became question of survival of the human species, and we would probably take a few species with us, unless this can be somehow stopped. Unless this inner transformation can get ahead of what we are doing.

I will not try to convince you that we are in a global crisis, I'm sure that you are pretty much aware of it.

What I would like to say is that people in transpersonal circles seem to have a general agreement that all the different symptoms of this global crisis that we see, really have a common denominator, that we are facing a crisis of the evolution of consciousness of the human species.

We have enormous amount of resources, enormous amount of know how, it would be easy to eliminate hunger, create a situation where nobody had to go hungry, heal most of the diseases, make people see, people who have cataracts and don’t have 5 dollars in Pakistan to have the lens operation and so on. If we had the heads and the hearts in the right place.

Somebody computed that if we take the money that is spent in the world in a week for arms raise, that you could create infrastructure that nobody had to be hungry anymore. You know, we have billions of dollars for stealth bombers, the Iraq war has now cost, according to some estimates, a trillion dollars, but we don’t have money for the kinds of things I'm talking about.

So the idea is that the current approaches, strategies, which are military interventions, economic interventions, diplomatic interventions don't work. They generally create more problems that they solve. It's easy to understand why it's so, because they essentially are extensions of the same strategies that got us into the trouble in the first place.

So we need something radically different, and again, I think, that in the transpersonal circles there is an agreement that the only thing that could really make a difference is inner transformation of humanity on a large scale.

We have all seen it individually, in certain kinds of experiences that transform you in such a way that it lowers the levels of aggression, creates compassion, tolerance, feelings of oneness, feelings of global citizenship, develop tremendous ecological sensitivity as a result of transpersonal experiences and so on.

So the question is: can it happen on a large enough scale, and do we have enough time to get ahead of what's happening already?

I hope so, and that's why I will always support this movement and the Sacred work of the good shamans.

Plant medicine is of course not the only way to inner transformation, but it's indeed a very powerful way for the brave and the ones that are called to it. It's also something that should be taken seriously, and not something you should do at the kitchen table at home or with one of the many self-proclaimed shamans. We call it "shamantitis" here in the jungle, a disease that usually affects gringos being in the beginning of the Dunning–Kruger curve.

"The force is neither good nor bad, but it does have a dark side and a light side. Beware.

Or as R Steiner said:

“All knowledge pursued merely for the enrichment of personal learning and the accumulation of personal treasure leads you away from the path. But all knowledge pursued for growth to rightness and within the process of human ennoblement and cosmic development brings you a step forward.”

Finally, as far as La Luna goes, we are of course struggling as many others.

The Peruvian government just extended the health state of emergency until December 7. On the other hand there are a glimpse of discussions about opening up the borders with restrictions already from October from a few cities. However it seems that tourists are gonna have to wait for some longer time to enter the country.

We hope and expect to be able to receive guest again in late December or January, depending on local regulations.

As our families, community and project are going through the biggest economic challenge so far, so we kindly ask, if you have the opportunity, for your support.

We would be forever grateful for any donation we can receive.


I remember when I came to Peru the first time and lived with Guido and his family under extremely humble conditions, he once told me about how the healing he did was not really about me or any other individual patient. It was about the ripple effect and the cleansing of the collective unconscious, healing whole humanity from that little dark hut in the middle of the rainforest.

Stay safe!

Luz, paz y amor