La Luna del

Ayahuasca retreat outside
Iquitos, Peru

About us

La Luna del Amazonas is a traditional healing center that honors the ancient Amazonian shamanic traditions, nestled deep within the lush embrace of the rainforest. Under the experienced guidance of Don Benigno, Don Guido, Don Leonardo, Don Jack, Enrique and their families, our sacred space offers a variety of ayahuasca retreats and individual treatments tailored to promote healing, personal growth, spiritual development, and emotional well-being.

The name La Luna del Amazonas, which translates to "The Moon of the Amazon," is a testament to the ethereal beauty of the full moon's reflection that graces the surrounding landscape during clear nights. As you embark on your healing journey, the stunning night sky, adorned with countless stars, serves as a captivating backdrop that deepens your connection to the natural world and enhances the overall retreat experience.

Our team of shamans, are respected healers with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom passed down through generations. With their guidance, you will have the opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of indigenous healing practices, engage in sacred plant medicine ceremonies, and immerse yourself in the living energy of the Amazon.

In addition to ayahuasca ceremonies, La Luna del Amazonas offers a range of holistic treatments and therapies designed to support your personal transformation. These include individual consultations with the shamans, traditional plant baths, and cleansing rituals.

The natural surroundings of La Luna del Amazonas serve as a constant reminder of the interconnectedness of all life. By embracing the wisdom of the Amazonian traditions and the power of plant medicine, you can unlock your inner potential, overcome obstacles, and cultivate a deeper understanding of your place within the world.

History of La Luna del Amazonas

Our shamans opened the local village clinic in 1987 and used to serve mainly local patients. As time went on the word was spread, and patients from all over Peru and the rest of the world started to show up. Throughout the last 30 years people have travelled here for healing.

When Enrique finished his treatment at the small village clinic they decided to extended into a full-service Ayahuasca healing center with private bungalows and comfort for visitors traveling abroad, wishing to stay many nights and focus on personal healing.

Today, La Luna del Amazonas is both one of the oldest and the newest centers around. The center is traditional yet modern, perfect for those who want access to ancient healing in a comfortable and safe environment.


We are about 1 hour outside Iquitos (25min with speed boat) down the Amazon River.

Our team of Shamans have worked for decades as village shamans, and still attend locals and are respected medicine men in the area. We are also close to the native community of the yagua tribe in Nuevo Peru.

On non dieta days we try to visit the both villages.

Occasionally we hear some local Amazonian cumbia music from the village on Saturday nights. We don't do Ayahuasca ceremonies on Saturdays, but finish of our retreat with a nice dinner and bon fire under the stars.

The motorcycle diaries

The beautiful movie "The motorcycle diaries" recorded the Peruvian part in the beautiful village of Santa Maria, 2004.