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From the show Expedition Unknown. Josh Gates had his very first ayahuasca experience at La Luna del Amazonas. Discovery Channel researched more than 50 ayahuasca centers in Perú for this adventure, and needed to find both an authentic experience, and before all, safety. The list of safety requirements was the biggest we have seen, but was needed in order to get through the insurance for the team. You can see the full episode on Discovery Go. (S1 E4 - Search for the Afterlife: Crossing Over)

Podcast with Dr. Tracy who has been to us four times exploring Ayahuasca. Listen to her experiencees with us at 57m 16s mark.

Dr. Tracy talks about her ayahuasca experiences in the Peruvian amazon. This was her third time visiting La Luna de Amazonas, and she talks about the development of the center, her relationship to mother Ayahuasca and how it helps her in her profession as a therapist.

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I spent one week at La Luna del Amazonas. I had been traveling around Peru with my partner and felt a deep urge to visit the Amazon and learn more about the healing properties of Ayahuasca. While researching for a place (by reading various online reviews) to experience the Ayahuasca traditions, a criterion that felt essential was safety. I was grateful to learn that those who had previously visited and reviewed La Luna had felt comfortable and secure in their experiences. In addition, I relied on the reviews of past guests who spoke highly of La Luna for its community, incredible access to the forests, and compassion from the program operators (Henrik/Enrique) and the remarkable Shaman (Don Guido). Now, almost a year later, it feels necessary that I share my experiences so that I may inspire future guests to visit La Luna.

What allowed me to feel safe immediately at La Luna (and thus contributed to me having trusting experiences with Ayahuasca as medicine asap) was witnessing the diversity in the participants at our first ceremony. Enrique's teenage son was attending, as was a three-generation Colombian family, and a few participants from the U.S. and Canada ages 20-40. We had the chance to meet with the Shaman (Don Guido) and Enrique before our first ceremony to discuss intentions, and I felt heard, seen, and loved throughout the preparations. I must review and comment on the level of safety because my ability to trust the Ayahuasca medicine and have a profound experience relied so deeply on initial feelings of safety and trust. From the first moment of arrival and continued one year later, I have felt held by the talented healers. This past year especially (about six months after I left the retreat), I began to notice I had developed an aversion to alcohol. Enrique was so patient and kind, taking the time to write to me about the ways of integration after Ayahuasca and some examples of how that might manifest. That is extreme care. I continue to feel held by this lovely family.

I have broken this review into simple categories (things that mattered to me when deciding). I hope this helps you too!

Location: Getting to La Luna was very simple. We met at a cafe in Iquitos and were guided to the docks and aboard the boat that brought us to its remote location. La Luna is a private secluded space deep in the jungle on a tributary of the Amazon River, which hosts opportunities for comfortable swimming, exploring by canoe, and wandering in the woods. There is a small village nearby and some activity on the river as locals pass by in canoes.

Space: There is a central screened-in structure where we ate meals and lounged. There are multiple hammocks, a small library with great Ayahuasca-related reading material, and places to rest and relax. Stilted wooden platforms connect this building to the private rooms and the Maloka. The rooms provide everything you need and are well-kept, clean, and spacious. I cannot describe the beauty of the Maloka, with its circular design and surrounded by the jungle (see photos attached/experience yourself). There is also one extra cabin across from the main structure offering another place for resting and quiet. Finally, plenty of lush greenspace surrounds for stretching, yoga, meditation, walking, playing, etc.

Food: On arrival, I was surprised to learn that I had been pre-dieting with pretty wild limitations I had read from people online. I would adhere to the dieta that Enrique shares with you when registering and not worry so much about the advice of strangers from other platforms online. The meals prepared at La Luna were delicious, and there was always plenty to go around.

Activity: I was hoping for a place with less scheduled activity as I was preparing to spend much of my time in contemplation, meditation, sleep recovery, etc. At La Luna, this relaxed pace is the vibe. Aside from the ceremonies and flower baths, there is no activity schedule you have to be present for. I think this element is so important and often missed at other retreats. Your body will need time to relax, your mind time to wander, and your soul time to be. This zero-pressure, schedule-less agenda was so lovely. That said, for busier types, there was always lots to do. If you like to participate in activities, there were incredible adventures on non-ceremony days. We went on an informative forest walk with Don Guido, visited Monkey Island, borrowed canoes to explore the area, and did yoga together as a group (led by a participant).

Ceremonies: This part is altogether much harder to review. I had transformative experiences that I will forever be grateful for, but I feel uncomfortable writing a review as this certainly is not guaranteed. I have learned that Ayahuasca will hold you/ or challenge you the way you need her. I feel comfortable commenting on the level of security, the intimacy of the small group size, and the wisdom of Don Guido and Enrique. You are eased into Ayahuasca medicine, starting with a small quantity on day one and adjusting as the healing experts (and yourself) see fit based on your personal experiences. The follow-up share circles the day after were enjoyable and helped foster a community among group members and provided one-on-one communication with the Shaman. As for the Ayahuasca experience itself, that magic is yours to discover. I trusted the process and had great revelations after just four ceremonies.

Healers: Enrique, Don Guido, Leonardo, and all staff members, exceeded my expectations as program facilitators and Shamans. They were born to be healers. I speak Spanish at an intermediate level, so I felt comfortable talking to Don Guido. That said, I experienced deep gratitude for Enrique’s advanced translations with the many feelings I struggled to communicate in a second language. His phenomenal translation abilities helped me understand the Shamans' reflections and offered eased communication overall.

The community at La Luna welcomed me with arms wide open. The place will forever hold a special place in my heart. I am already looking forward to when I will be able to return.

Thank you, La Luna, Sydnie

I had a indelibly incredible experience at this place. There is truly something magical being built here, and if you are seeking an authentic experience in the embrace of Mother Ayahuasca, I can't imagine a better destination. This is clean and safe medicine practiced by those with a deep understanding of its purpose. Not a casual resort with every unnatural frill.. Real work being done here to better the lives of those who visit, with a great group of facilitators and shamans. Ceremonies are accented with a fluid schedule of activities that don't overwhelm the intended focus of the retreat. An absolutely beautiful location in both spirit and environment that I would recommend to any and everyone.


I booked a two week retreat at La Luna Del Amazonas. I won’t go into depth about my ayahuasca experience as this is subjective for everyone but I will explain a bit about the experience I had with the retreat itself. I made my choice for a retreat by looking at reviews and couldn’t be more satisfied with the choice I made. I recommend this place highly. The overall vibe at the retreat is that there’s no real time or schedule you have to follow, but at the same time everything is well organized in the background. You get picked up in Iquitos, get a warm welcome and head to your bungalow. The bungalows are built with mosquito nets around it, which really gives you the feeling that you are one with the jungle. Enrique (the owner) and his brother (Andreas) both speak English and Spanish. Wherever translation is needed they will help you out. Both of them and the staff really make sure you feel at home and comfortable. Lita (a cook with 25 years of experience) makes the diet you’ll follow amazing, she has some real cooking skills, you’ll understand when you get there. The shamans (Guido, Jack and Leonardo) are really knowledgeable. This was really important for me, as they will guide you through your spiritual journey. You don’t have to do anything but there are plenty of activities and things you can do during your stay, a trip to monkey island where you can play with wooly monkeys (+ swimming in the Amazon river), a plant medicine tour, a lecture about the work of the shamans, yoga classes (depends if there’s a yoga teacher atm), reading in the library, chilling in the hammocks, fishing with a homemade rod (that’s what I did), basically enough to keep you busy if you wish so. I think everyone can benefit from doing a few ayahuasca ceremonies. I went in positive and without many things I felt I had to work on. For some kind of reason I just felt the calling to come to the Amazon in Peru for some ayahuasca ceremonies, you’ll know when you’ll know, and got my value out of it. I think in the end everybody has something they want to work on or improve and Ayahuasca is a great way to become more aware of that thing and start doing some major work instantly, you have no choice as mother ayahuasca knows it.


La luna del Amazon is authentic, warm and a welcoming place were real healing is taking place. I felt safe and taken care of from the first moment I got there. The vibe is pure goodness and I will forever be grateful to Enrique, his team and the shamans of La luna del Amazon.


So what was really important for me and what I was looking for in a ayahuasca retreat was 2 things really...

  1. It had to be authentic Peruvian shamans... and
  2. A good setting in the Amazon jungle.

You definitely get both in abundance at la Luna del amazonas!! We were lucky enough to get 3 amazing shamans born and bread in the Amazon who’s family’s have been working with plant medicines and spiritual healing for generations. I can’t stress enough, how amazing these shamans were and how they go above and beyond to make your experience as safe and authentic as possible! I was blown away with them coz they really know their shit and care for your experience, well being and you’re healing. You do get a real sense from the start, that it is all about healing here at this retreat and they care and respect the plant medicine and not about ‘tripping balls’!!

Enrique and his team really give you a relaxed vibe and really care for you healing experience and come with a very well run, professional and organised retreat and cover all factors very well and again go above and beyond for you and you’re experience.

The facilities, food, the picks ups to and from the retreat and the outdoor activities was great. I don’t have anything bad to say about this place and had one of the most amazing experiences and would definitely recommend this place and would go back too In a heart beat.


La Luna del Amazonas retreat center is one of the most special places that I have been in my life; I can’t wait to return. I spent an incredible, life-changing week there with Enrique and the rest of his staff. Everyone who works at La Luna attends to the guests with the most caring and thoughtful attention. The center is in the middle of the jungle, allowing you to free yourself from the distractions of the modern world and fully live the retreat experience. The schedule is loose, flexible, and utterly relaxing - I never felt stressed out about the timing or needing to be somewhere. The week included the perfect balance of activities and down time, with relaxation and time to integrate the experiences being the main focus. The food was fresh and delicious and the chef, Lita, was always smiling. Meal time with the other guests felt like a family affair. As for the ceremonies, the shamans here are true masters at what they do. This being my first experience with ayahuasca, I could not have asked for more. I felt completely cared for and safe in every moment of the ceremonies, and would recommend La Luna to anyone who feels the calling. Overall, my time here was magical and I can’t wait to come back for years to come.


Words can't describe the 2 weeks I spend there. The healings and wisdoms I received from mother Ayahuasca can't be valued with materialistic good/money. She gave my a new self, took away my fear, gave me so much priceless knowledges and replaced the old, bitter, miserable, resentful me. I am forever grateful for Shaman Don Guido, Leonardo, Jack and mother Ayahuasca's love.


La Luna is an amazing place, peaceful and quiet and full of life, good energy and good people. If you are looking for an authentic ayahuasca experience then this is the place for you. Enrique is a beautiful person who makes you feel comfortable and at home immediately. Don Guido, the shaman, is full of confidence, compassion, experience, love, and healing magic. Lita, the chef, makes the most incredible food while adhering to the ayahuasca dieta and I’ve never seen her without a smile. I left La Luna a completely changed man and I’ve never felt better. I highly recommend going here.


My experience at La Luna was absolutely lovely. I immediately felt at home and very safe. By the end of the week it felt like we were family. I could not recommend this place more- from the staff, amazing shamans, and food to the day time adventures, private bungalows, and flower baths. It was pure magic. I will definitely be returning. Thank you to Enrique, Andres, Guido, Jack, and Leonardo for creating such a transformational space and dedicating your time to helping others heal. Peace and love to all.


I spent the first week of 2020 at La Luna del Amazonas and it was one of the best weeks of my life!

First off let me assure you that the center is run very professionally with amazing facilitators and shamans. I felt completely safe around the grounds and during the ceremonies. Very good guidance, sharing sessions, integration sessions with the shamans and translation service.

The actual ayahuasca experience can be very different from person to person so I won’t go into detail about that, but I got so much out of it and the dosing was very responsibly handled for each individual.

The schedule outside of the ceremonies is very relaxed. There’s a tour to Monkey Island and a swim in the amazon and some workshops that are optional. Other than that you’re pretty much free to do whatever you like and even get food served at almost any time that suits you.

The amenities are simple but great. Everyone have their own bungalow in secluded spots around the jungle, so you are actually IN nature at night. There’s plenty of communal spaces with amazing hammocks where you can socialize with the others. There is running water but it’s cold water in the showers. There are mattresses in the temple and bungalow but they are not very comfy. Be aware that there’s plenty of mosquitoes and ants in the jungle.

The service is just amazing! Enrique and the rest of the team go out of their way to make everyone feel safe and relaxed so you can focus on your inner journey. Awesome food is served every day, luggage is carried, individual talks with the shamans can be arranged and you just feel free to ask any question possible.

The town of Iquitos, on the other hand, is honestly a shit hole of chaos and hustlers. Make sure to spend as little time as possible there before and after your retreat to get a relaxed experience.

I cannot recommend La Luna del Amazonas highly enough! I will surely be back some day.


A truly amazing place, and the best week of my life. Clean, safe medicine, experienced shamans who want the best for you, a fantastic environment away from everything else, and the friendliest staff you could imagine, right down to Jose the cook. It has been 15 months since my time here, and I still believe ayahuasca was the best thing to happen to me. My life is more fulfilling, meaningful and full of wonder. I can't recommend La Luna enough, and I look forward to returning in a few years. Just book it and go.


Words cannot describe the full extent of my experience at La Luna del Amazonas but I will try nonetheless as others need to know what happens at this wonderful center. A serene one-hour boat ride from Iquitos, the largest town in the Peruvian Amazon, brought us to the nearest coast from our destination. The half hour walk from here allows you to soak in the remoteness of the location and take in the first sights and sounds of the tremendous jungle that would be our home for the following two weeks. The first sighting of the center itself features the dining area and it is just one of many public spaces open to its new residents. Our journey thus far involved brief interactions with the founder Enrique and a senior facilitator Guillermo, and right off the bat you could tell that these people had the warmest of hearts and the brightest of spirits. Further interactions only seconded that feeling, and it becomes highly evident that they are in this experience with you - one hundred percent, and they are highly keen in helping you maximize your time there. Even my fellow travellers (that included people from all over the world) could sense the positivity radiating from this center through our first contact itself, and we knew that we had to strap ourselves in for the ride of our lives. After a quick tour and a delicious lunch, we were taken to the Maloka - a beautiful temple that would house our ayahuasca ceremonies - the very heart and soul of our time at La Luna. It is a beautiful space with the amazon jungle creating an intense canopy and offering an accessible bridge between us and the inhabitants of the rainforest. Here we were oriented about our time at La Luna and were offered valuable advice about maximizing our mental energies in order to best prepare our minds for the medicine. After a brief sharing circle where we got to better understand the background of our fellow residents, we were taken to our private bungalows and allowed to rest before the welcome ceremony that evening. The bungalows are brilliantly positioned along the center, allowing each member to have their personal space but remain in reach with the rest of the troops in case of any emergencies. We took our time to take in our first stint at the amazon before making our way to meet our shamans for the first time that evening. One can mentally prepare for meeting a real shaman all they want, but the real experience seldom compares to our wildest imagation. Seeing Don Guido and Leonardo and interacting with them privately before the first ceremony was one of the most powerful interactions in my life and it is safe to say that they possessed all the knowledge that is expected from a shamanic lineage dating millenias at this point. After exchanging my intent and receiving some wise words in return, we were set to encounter mother Aya for the first time. The brew prepared at La Luna is highly authentic as it is made from Chakruna that has been grown at the center itself. The love and effort taken by the facilitators clearly transfers into the medicine as we could instantly tell that we were partaking in something other worldly. We had 8 ceremonies in total and the Ayahuascaros (shamans who exclusively deal with ayahuasca as the master plant) believe that one must work their way up into powerful experiences by gradually incrementing the doses. This allows the body to warm up to the medicine while the mind gently evolves into a higher state during the process. The wisdom of this method was not lost on me and my fellow residents as we gradually began to understand the reasoning behind this method through our personal experiences. As the ceremonies went by and we allowed our minds to quieten and our souls to open up to the vine, we began to encounter exponentially rising ceremonies, both in terms of intensity and sheer physicality. My experience at La Luna peaked during the 6th ceremony where I received the kind of visions one can only dream about, the kind that possessed the power to transform my mind and spirit and allow me to propel myself into the best possible future version of myself. Mother Aya was kind, tough but fair, compassionate, and all-knowing, and the shamans beautifully helped us integrate our visions in order to help us best navigate our path forward in our individual journeys. They were patient and keen in sharing our experiences with us after every ceremony and helped us interpret visions and memories that were sometimes hard to decipher. The center also has additional activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi sessions in order to focus the full intent of our mind and body before ceremonies. La Luna is undoubtedly that rare space that managed to find the perfect balance between having an authentic shaman, a potent brew, educated and loving facilators, and a space nestled in the bosom of mother nature herself. I walked away after two weeks with the highest level of gratitude for the center and the work being done at this unforgettable location. I have made friends for life (including the facilitators Guillermo and Korina) here and the moments we shared were the rarest and most overwhelming ones, something to cherish and learn from for the rest of my life. Thank you Enrique for making the effort to establish a beautiful center and allowing Don Guido and Leonardo to do what they do best - heal our souls and guide our spirits. I know I will return here in a year or two with my closest of friends and family as I genuinely believe that everyone needs to participate in this most ancient of ceremonies at least once in their life. If you are reading this review and are considering making the journey to La Luna, my advise to you is to take that leap of faith. You will be rewarded, just as I was, with an experience that you can be proud of, one that will enrich every atom of your being and firmly connect you to mother nature for the rest of your lives.


For me, Ayahuasca comes to you when you're ready. For many years I’ve known about the medicine but I haven’t known if it was the right time nor the right medicine for me. I mean I’m adventurous sometimes but going out to find it in the jungle always seemed like a far fetched task. I’ve suffered from depression and have been constantly lost from my so-called path in life pretty much most of my adult life so far. Like a yo-yo either really up or really down I’ve always struggled to find that middle content space. I’ve tried some other means of finding happiness I experimented with psychedelics before mushrooms and sometimes LSD and had some positive results but not so long-lasting. They felt like little boosts or top-ups. Maybe it was the setting, doing them in my home town at my parents' house in my comfort zone that wasn’t getting me very far. I started doing my research on DMT and naturally came across Ayahuasca, something very foreign and distant from my experience at the time. Time went on and I was very intrigued but as there are just so many places offering the medicine I didn’t know where to start, I’ve never been to Peru or South America, my Spanish was and is basic. The only jungle I’ve experienced has been on the TV on documentaries. Funnily enough, that’s what made me come. I was watching a show on the Discovery channel called Expedition Unknown, it was an episode about the afterlife and Ayahuasca featured in the episode, I couldn’t believe it, my heart started beating fast and I had a gut feeling, I felt that was the sign, something familiar to me basically recommending me a place! About two months later I arrived at La Luna. Far enough from the busy moto taxi’s to feel at peace in the jungle. I came for a week retreat and my first impressions were of a friendly nature. Greg and Enrique welcomed me and showed us around before we had an integration meeting with the rest of the guests where we all spoke about our intentions and really opened up to the reasons we were there. I felt this was good to get to know the people I was going to be vomiting next to over this roller coaster week. The excitement and fear were building up before my first ceremony and having a 1 on 1 with Don Guido and Leonardo really made it all feel real, I’m here! I’m going to do it! I was happy that the first ceremony was calm and it helped to ease me into the weeks healing process. The time around the ceremonies was spent ready and mostly chilling in the hammocks, which was important to focus on myself and my different intentions. As the week went on I’m not going to lie and say it was all fun and games these were some of the toughest experiences I’ve probably faced. I can safely say that difficult is not negative, at the time some of the things ayahuasca brought up about my past and about my own character, certain relationships, my upbringing all these themes were difficult to face, to say the least. But it was necessary to re live them in order to move on. As the week went on I really was feeling a transformation taking place and these old attitudes I felt I was stuck in began to open up and make way for new trails of thoughts I had never experienced before. I’m so very thankful for the wisdom of the Shamans and everything they did for me it was a life-changing week for me and I feel like I”m still processing the experience but I’ve embarked on a new way of thinking and this is making way for a new way of living! THANK YOU to everyone at La Luna for your help and support, the facilitators and translators made it so I felt comfortable sat with the shamans and didn’t feel like I missed out on any of the knowledge in the integrations sessions after the ceremonies. Thank you to the other passengers who were there accompanying me and being there for each other, I know I wasn’t the only one transforming! And thank you to the ancient medicine that we can still access in this modern age we live in I hope more people can experience and use psychedelics for healing.


An amazing place with a great atmosphere. Small group sizes, a lovely owner with lots of experience and and a first-hand healing hostory himself that acts as a bridge and helps make the most out of the day; during the day the house and the temple are a space for flowing energy and creativity (we have been creating a lot, making bracelets to writing to making dreamcatchers); great converstions for processing your ecperience the other days. Three shamans with a slightly differing approach, which ensures you find that one of them is the perfect fit in helping you achieve your intentions. I miss La Luna so much already. Coming back!


I had a indelibly incredible experience at this place. There is truly something magical being built here, and if you are seeking an authentic experience in the embrace of Mother Ayahuasca, I can’t imagine a better destination. This is clean and safe medicine practiced by those with a deep understanding of its purpose. Not a casual resort with every unnatural frill.. Real work being done here to better the lives of those who visit, with a great group of facilitators and shamans. Ceremonies are accented with a fluid schedule of activities that don’t overwhelm the intended focus of the retreat. An absolutely beautiful location in both spirit and environment.


Initially, finding my way to Peru, to Iquitos and to La Luna seemed to be a combination of luck and timing. However, after my second ceremony with the center’s shaman, it became clear that there was nothing lucky about it, I was supposed to be at La Luna and had been called home. Having just left, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the past week ... it was profound, to say the least, in addition to being the most important thing I have ever done for myself. Moreover, because of what I experienced, this “review” has been incredibly difficult to write, as my words seem to insufficiently convey how I’m feeling and what transpired. This is my first feeble attempt, however I will need more time before I can better articulate just what happened.

To begin with, it is important to understand that everyone’s experience is going to be different. As with anything, you will get out of it what you bring into it. Having undergone decades of personal therapy, taken antidepressants and antianxiety medication for years and even after seeing a hypnotherapist, I still know what it’s like to get stuck on the path to personal growth. With that in mind, I prepared myself for at least a month in advance by thinking about and writing down my goals and intentions. What did I want to address and why. What questions did I need answered for myself and what would resolution look and feel like. In my introductory communication with Enrique, co-owner of La Luna, I briefly explained my situation and what I was looking to resolve. His response was supportive, encouraging and welcoming. It sounds almost crazy, but it was as if I could feel the love in his message. He is someone who cares and it was abundantly clear this was where I needed to go.

Getting to the La Luna is an adventure in and of itself. Traveling to Peru, to Iquitos, then taking a boat up the Amazon River, and finally making your way through the jungle… you realize how important the journey is. How it begins to prepare you for what you are going to experience. Without effort, there is no reward. The staff at La Luna are incredibly good communicators and I was met in Iquitos and personally accompanied to and welcomed at La Luna with open arms. Again, preparation for success is essential. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. Bring bug spray and After Bite (ammonia based anti-itch product), shower sandals, and your own soap, shampoo and conditioner. If you require any special food or have allergies, tell them ahead of time or try to bring it yourself. For most electrical equipment, you should probably have a spare battery and your own little solar powered charger would be ideal. La Luna has a solar panel but the reality is that no electricity means you need to be self-sufficient. Take it to heart and prepare.

The huts are nice, clean, and furnished with a desk, bookcases, and bedding. The doors have little locks and you never feel unsafe. The food is also nice and clean. The meals are communal, nutritious and flavorful. Jose, the chef, has over 25 years of experience working in the kitchen and will surprise you with what he can do with a few simple ingredients. It feels important to note here that the diet is integral to the endeavor and cannot be underestimated. Cutting out alcohol, pork and caffeine for days or weeks in advance will help you acclimate that much easier. Red meat, and fried or fatty foods also tend to linger in the gut and you will feel unwell in the heat of the jungle if your intestines are literally full of …. Don’t do that to yourself. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you will get caffeine withdrawal headaches at the same time you are trying to tune into nature and experience the interconnectedness of it all. It is distracting and not worth it. Prepare.

Although I was pressed for time, I was able to participate in four ayahuasca ceremonies (not enough but all I could squeeze in) and San Pedro once. You must experience these things for yourself and I will let others attempt to describe or explain the benefits and effects of each. What I could not prepare for, and failed to even understand before this journey, was how important the songs are. Songs so powerful you will probably cry. I certainly did, and while sober. Between the singing, the whistling, and the rhythms and rustling of the percussion instruments, the enchantment is nothing short of divine. The magic of laying there listening to the Shaman cast their spell and weave beautiful music while watching the moon play with shadows over the rainforest as birds continue to sing and call was simply transformative. Add ayahuasca and now the real journey begins.

This is more than I intended to write however, I want to be honest about how this last week changed my life. I know that I am better than before I went. I shed a lot of anxiety and self-doubt. While I’m not ready to announce victory, I am going to announce that I have confidence in my path forward. I have found the love in my heart for who I am, as I am. Strangely, I felt like I had simply forgotten to remember. And I realized there is more to this existence than what we can perceive with our eyes. I’m not sure I would believe it if I heard someone else saying the things that have been coming out my mouth as I try to describe it to others. While I’m not sure if it was spiritual ... I can honestly say I have experienced an awakening. The concepts and practices of honesty, respect, humility, fearlessness, humor, compassion and most importantly, self-love, truly comprise the path to enlightenment. La Luna helped me re-discover all of these things and more during the past week. To write a simple review does not quite seem to do the center, the Shaman or Enrique justice, but this is the best I can do right now. You should go where your heart leads you. I am going back to La Luna.


I came to La Luna Del Amazonas through a good friend’s recommendation. She stayed there a month or so ago, and knew this is where I needed to be. I would have to say this was the one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. And I had so much gratitude for her recommendation.

Experiencing ayahuasca in the middle of the Amazon jungle was awe inspiring. Feeling the energy emanating from the jungle through sight and sound made me feel comforted and full of life.

The staff are deeply invested in providing a safe and supportive environment for all comers. Rule number one for them is “zero tolerance for negativity.”

Each guest is going through something. I came at a crossroads in my life. I needed answers to difficult questions that I did not have the strength to answer on my own, and a path forward based on the answers I received. Mother ayahuasca showed me the way.

Ceremonies adhere to century’s old rituals and tradition. Don Guido, the highly experienced shaman, protect and guide you through the experience. Allowing the medicine to do its work, while giving the participants room to explore the questions and healing they seek from her in comfort. The songs they sing are like energetic lullabies. Keeping you in a dream-like state, but ensuring your control over the experience. They work so incredibly hard during the ceremonies to keep you safe. Come with positivity and purpose.

It is very important to prepare your body for your journey. Adhering to the strict ayahuasca diet is more than important, it is necessary to ensure a comfortable experience. The medicine is a combination of a spirit guide, a power cleanse, and a smart healing agent. If you cheat the diet, it could wreck your whole stay. While there, Chef Jose prepares the most delicious ayahuasca meals. Simple ingredients that bring out flavors without the typical additives. The freshest food I have ever eaten anywhere.

Getting to La Luna was a journey in and of itself, and is an integral part of the experience. Coming from Washington, DC, I had a 25 hour series of flights and layovers that ended in Iquitos for the night. Checked in to El Couchero. I ate an ayahuasca dinner at Karma Cafe, which was recommended by the hotel staff. The next morning Greg, a La Luna staff member, met me at 11 AM. We went to exchange my dollars into Soles. Then went to a port to board a water taxi for a magical hour and a half long Amazon boat ride to Santa Maria. Once there, some of the boys from the town helped us carry some of our bags for the 25 minute hike into the jungle for some soles. Trust them. Your stuff will get there fully intact, and it makes the track much easier. The love and care was palpable as soon as I arrived at the final destination.

The accommodations are very simple bungalow structures. Door that locks on both sides. Elevated to protect you from the rare heavy rains and unwanted visits from jungle critters. There is a bed, a writing table, and a bookshelf. The bungalow is open nearly 360 deg. to the jungle, but protected with mosquito screens that surround the structure. Your get all of the sights and sounds without a lot of mosquitoes. There is a mosquito net over the bed for added protection. Hard to describe the dynamism offered by the jungle, but know it is also an integral part of the experience.

La Luna Del Amazonas is a place of healing and fine tuning your spiritual awakening. Everyone’s experience will be different. It’s deeply personal to each guest’s goals, but guided in much the same way. I left understanding the power of nature had to offer, and alignment to a new spiritual understanding. It is the only place I will experience ayahuasca, and I will certainly come again.

If you are like me and are at a crossroad in your life, in need of self improvement, dealing with depression or have an ailment and seek a cure from mother ayahuasca, you should book your stay here. Everyone will make sure you are well taken care of. Don’t hesitate, and look no further. Book it.

This is very important, if you booked a stay elsewhere and do not get a sense they really care. Stop! Do not go there. Reach out to Enrique at La Luna. He will understand, truly care, and set you up. Even if it’s the last minute. I witnessed this first hand, and was more than impressed at the lengths they will go to get you where you need to be.


I chose La Luna because there are a few reviews but not a ton of them. I wanted to go where it seemed a little less commercial and the experience less curated. La Luna is definitely both of those things, there's a very relaxed, open-ended atmosphere that leaves plenty of room of integrating the medicine on your own. You will not find the extensive guided/facilitated integration sessions, it was more like mellow conversations, if you choose, in the hammocks or over herbal tea.

I am a non-spanish speaking woman and had some concerns about traveling alone to the middle of the jungle to take hallucinogens (for the first time). As soon as I met Enrique at the airport, those concerns disappeared. I never felt uncomfortable or concerned. I have since recommended La Luna to other women who are ready for a life-evolving experience. The part that requires bravery is not traveling alone to the jungle--it's the rest of it.

I am grateful for my experience. La Luna and the people I met there will always hold a special place. -Itinerant

Powerful. Indescribable. Expansive. Strange. Beautiful. Incomparable. Transformative. Profound. Blissful. Peaceful. Difficult. Limitless. Heart opening. Life changing.

That is what I found at La Luna Del Amazonas during my ayahuasca journey. I came by myself (I am an American female in my 30s) and I felt completely safe. I participated in six ayahuasca ceremonies over the course of ten days. The sixth ceremony I did not drink, but still received a blessing from the shaman. Accommodations were quaint, sufficient, and private. There is a shared bathroom a short distance from the individual bungalows. Food was plentiful. Lots of juicy, flavorful fruits. The atmosphere is warm, family-like, casual, and welcoming. It felt authentic and unpretentious. After a few days, you start to feel like you are part of the family. The shamans are humble and kind. And there is no pressure to participate in a ceremony if you are not feeling up to it. During the day, there were opportunities for fun excursions, like visiting Monkey Island, swimming in the Amazon river with dolphins nearby, and relaxing at a secluded beach. One day we went on a jungle walk with one of the shamans and an English-speaking guide to learn about medicinal plants. There was also an opportunity to see how the ayahuasca is brewed and to learn more about the process. For me, La Luna was the perfect place for deep introspection and self reflection. Especially with the sights and sounds of the jungle as a constant, magical backdrop. I am filled with gratitude for this experience, and I am so grateful to everyone at La Luna for providing this sanctuary to other spiritual seekers. The work they do here is incredible. La Luna will always have a special place in my heart.

Excerpts from my journal -

“It does feel as if the medicine is healing me and changing me. Healing me from what I don’t know. And changing me in ways I have yet to understand.”

“I feel like I have more purpose now, a clearer vision of what I want my life to look like. What’s important and what’s not. Colors are richer. Sounds are richer. I feel like I shed a lot of unnecessary anxiety and fear. It has been such a gift to be here.”


I had an amazing stay at La Luna in beautiful, peaceful surroundings. All of the staff are really understanding and super kind, and together with all the guests looking for healing they create an amazing atmosphere of loving acceptance. I've never before experienced anything like it, and it has helped me be aware of and spread the love that I am. My view of life was altered significantly for the better during my stay, and I'm forever grateful for everything. Peace and love!

-Gari Guru

Enrique and all other team members at La Luna Del Amazonas were all such lovely humans! I am so thankful that the universe lead me to such a beautiful place feeling so safe and comfortable.The bungalow was cute and the sounds of the rainforest were out of this world! Many times I found myself wondering what animals made those sounds. I highly recommend the ayahuasa diet prior to the ceremony. I believe it not only is a healthy decision, but a way to help break free from some of the toxic habits we deal with on a regular basis. I've been in this constant zone of reflection since my healing ceremony, mainly because it has left a profound mark on my soul. During my ayahuasca vision, I saw my ego die...myself completely shattered and destroyed. I was terrified because I was experiencing the death of myself, wanting to scream at moments, but feeling complete paralysis of my voice and tongue. My body was unzipping, my DNA unraveling and being destroyed. I had no choice but to give into ayahuasca and let her be my teacher. This 9 hour vision seemed like a lifetime and at times I thought it would never end. I experienced so many things during this time, and it can be saved for another time, place, and conversation. Every worry about what others thought of me, or what I thought of them no longer mattered because ultimately we are all forms of life, existing, vibrating souls. Anytime during the ceremony that I put myself down, Ayahuasca showed me how beautiful my spirit truly was and I could see myself through eyes that were NOT my own. The love, oooohh the love.... how beautiful life is... I feel full of life and joyous for the existence of plant medicines. I would recommend this healing center to anyone seeking healing from PTSD or life trauma. Ayahuasca is a true medicine and not to be taken for recreational purposes.