La Luna del Amazonas



Enrique and all other team members at La Luna Del Amazonas were all such lovely humans! I am so thankful that the universe lead me to such a beautiful place feeling so safe and comfortable.The bungalow was cute and the sounds of the rainforest were out of this world! Many times I found myself wondering what animals made those sounds. I highly recommend the ayahuasa diet prior to the ceremony. I believe it not only is a healthy decision, but a way to help break free from some of the toxic habits we deal with on a regular basis. I've been in this constant zone of reflection since my healing ceremony, mainly because it has left a profound mark on my soul. During my ayahuasca vision, I saw my ego die...myself completely shattered and destroyed. I was terrified because I was experiencing the death of myself, wanting to scream at moments, but feeling complete paralysis of my voice and tongue. My body was unzipping, my DNA unraveling and being destroyed. I had no choice but to give into ayahuasca and let her be my teacher. This 9 hour vision seemed like a lifetime and at times I thought it would never end. I experienced so many things during this time, and it can be saved for another time, place, and conversation. Every worry about what others thought of me, or what I thought of them no longer mattered because ultimately we are all forms of life, existing, vibrating souls. Anytime during the ceremony that I put myself down, Ayahuasca showed me how beautiful my spirit truly was and I could see myself through eyes that were NOT my own. The love, oooohh the love.... how beautiful life is... I feel full of life and joyous for the existence of plant medicines. I would recommend this healing center to anyone seeking healing from PTSD or life trauma. Ayahuasca is a true medicine and not to be taken for recreational purposes.

Alannah Nichole

For over a year I had planned on coming to Peru to experience Ayahuasca. I can't recall when the spirit first called to me and how I first learned about Ayahuasca, it just kind of happened and evolved. Leading up to my travels, the more research I did on retreats and healing centres. The more confused and somewhat uncomfortable and unsure I became. Wondering if I would find the right safe space. I'm a fairly open minded individual, but traveling alone as a single female and putting myself in a very vulnerable position. Safety was of course a must. It seemed that many centres I found we're very westernized and commercialized. I was very much seeking an authentic experience with Mother Earth and the Creator. It took me awhile and many conversations before I stumbled across La Luna. I knew from the first conversation I had with Enrique that my soul had found the right path. La Luna is about as authentic as you can get. Nestled in the village of Santa Maria, where the residents welcome you with their smiles and gratitude for your service to them (get involved as much as possible and give back to the village). The centre is quiet, remote and beautiful. You can't help but embrace and soak in the jungle. It's both beautiful and humbling. A reminder that we are all truly one. It's rustic, clean with all you need but nothing of what you don't need . This place is perfect to slow down and be at one with your thoughts and heart. The staff at the centre immediately became friends and people who I openly shared my life with. Safety was no longer a concern. The Shamans are incredibly skilled. I felt so honoured to be part of their lessons and to witness and embrace the lifestyle. The ceremonies experiences are intense, awakening and take you to a place in yourself that you likely have never visited before. It all seems so cliché . It's hard to put into words what you will likely are to experience. It truly is life changing a karmic cleansing.


La Luna del Amazonas has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The place itself its magical. There is something so special about being surrounded by jungle,it's deep greens, diverse life force, and orchestral sounds. I will always remember the panoramic view of nature's most magical forests from the temple, which moved me so much during and after the ceremonies. There was so much beauty surrounding us, which made a very sacred experience feel all the more exceptional. The ceremonies were as beautiful as the surroundings. The warm and heart felt ikaros from the shaman made them feel very authentic . I had some very strong and powerful visions during my time there and I will always remember them such powerful and poignant experiences, that I'm sure will stay with me forever.


I had an truly amazing experience at La Luna Del Amozonas. It was my first time taking medicine and I was a bit nervous at first. The community there helped me to feel so welcome and comfortable. Being able to connect so closely with nature and the process of cooking ayahuasca was really special. Every ceremony was healing and deeply awakening for me. I even got to plant an ayahuasca tree in the jungle with my name next to it! This is the place for people to get in touch with who they really are. I loved my experience here, the cureanderos were so loving and healing. The facilitators are so supportive and available to help you with every need. I can definitely recommend this place and plan to return many times in the future.


I stayed only two nights with Enrique but it's been a wonderful experience living at the Luna of Amazonas. He is a really friendly and thoughtful person and if you seek for an authentic experience in Iquitos and to try ayahuasca this is the place to be.

Marco, Canada

Staying at Enrique' s in the middle of the jungle was memorable! An experience I will never forget and I recommend to anyone. He is very nice, generous and open-minded. I wish you all the best with your healing centre Enrique! :)

Eterna, Spain

Great location in the little jungle just 20 mins walk from santa maria. Really quiet place, perfect for a relaxing experience! Great hanging out with him and the local family that lives nearby

Luca, Peru

Enrique is calm, easy to talk to and knowledgeable in ayahuasca medicine. I ended up staying with him and other surfers for 7 nights in the jungle. Yes, jungle has mosquitoes and it can be not the most comfortable place but it is totally worthy to experience.

Ji, Australia

Really cool guy with many incredible stories to tell about his crazy life.We had nice conversations in his maloca immersed in the soundtracks of the jungle.I wish i could stayed longer,but i had to catch the boat to Ecuador. All the best with your projects and hope to meet you once again!

Blaž, Slovenia

Staying at enriques place was amazing !!! I will for sure come back :-) hope you will stay happy, was a pleasure to meet you my friend !!! You will stay in my mind :-) nazu

Amelie, Germany

Staying with Enrique was a true jungle experience - nocturnal sounds and animals we never even imagined before, mosquitos and tropical downpours all included. We spent 4 nights in the large house amidst thousands shades of green, we had our daily ration of coconut and got professional help with consuming peruvian happy-vegetation. The up-starting ayahuasca retreat enrique is busily working on gave us the possibility of learning a lot about shaman-business and being able to ask and talk about everything with reliable, smart and patient enrique as well as with some other wonderful guests at that time made the days in sleepy santa maria some of the most worthwile we had so far in the amazon region. Thanks a lot!!! :) tanja & johanna

Johanna, Austria

Enrique, Marcial and everyone living in the house are really nice to meet. My friend and I were in their house two nights and was amazing; the location and the all the way from Santa Maria to the house are really really amazing, everything green and natural. We are really thankful to them for sharing us their home and their friendship; is really important and value to us. I really recommend him as a host :)

Diana, Peru

Enrique is a really good and peaceful person. He knows how to mix different cultures and let us a really good experience in Peru. Situated in the jungle, we could also enjoy the nature all around, in a safety place. He is open minded and ready to share. Thanks again for everything!

Alice, France

What an experience to stay 2 days in Enrique's house ! It's nice, really peaceful, in the middle of the jungle. Thank you for everything

Rémi, France

Enrique was a fantastic host and he was very hospitable when we stayed with him in the Jungle of Santa Maria, Peru. His home was very comfortable and the sounds of the animals all day and night were amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better jungle experience! Thank you again Enrique for allowing Maxwell and I into your home. You are a wonderful soul and we are forever grateful! We would recommend this place to anyone who is a free spirited, loves eating local foods, hanging around in hammocks, and getting away from the city and tourist hot spots.

Alannah & Max

Enrique est une personne vraiment interessante ! Nous sommes restés 2 nuits chez lui, l'endroit est vraiment incroyable, en pleine jungle ! Si vous hésitez à faire un trek en amazonie, ne le faites pas, allez chez Enrique ! :D.

Tristan, France

Enrique is super friendly and has a nice house too. There are mattresses and hammocks to sleep in, which were more than fine for the three of us who went. He's a kind guy and you won't regret making the trip out to stay with him.

Travis, USA

Enrique hosted me at his place in a jungle..He plans to open a retreat center there, and I'm sure it's going to be wonderful..Place is beautiful, I had really nice time, surrounded by good people :) Enrique itself is a really interesting person, definitely worth meeting.

Hope to see you again sometimes, and good luck with everything. :)

Ivana, Serbia

Me and my Girlfriend stayed at Enrique's for more then a week and we enjoyed the peace and "quiet" of the jungle a lot. Enrique himself is a very friendly and laid back kinda guy. Easy to talk to, but just as comfortable in silence. He's starting up his business (Ayahuasca retreat) and although there is still some work to do, it looked promising! We tried the Ayahuasca ourselves with the shamans and all and all was a good experience. Give it a try when you up there!! We stayed at the main house, big wooden jungle house, basic but looks really nice and has everything one needs. Kitchen, toilet+shower outside, hammocks, mattress+ Mossi net and jungle, lots of it. Also the temple and bungalow where finished and more coming up. Took about an hour boat ride form Iquitos and half hour jungle hike from the little village. We can recommend Enrique and his place to everyone who want/needs some days away from Iquitos or wants to try out some Ayahuasca when you there!

Dennis, Netherlands

Had an absolute amazing time with Enrique. Really learn a lot about myself and how some would call "reality" with the help of some powerful medicine. Amazing other couchsurfers as well. Enrique really has some awesome energy and is great talking with. The books, the remoteness, the jungle, the insects, the locals, all provide a wonderful atmosphere for healing. Can't wait to revisit the center when its done and hope to see ya at Envision Enrique!!

Jonathan, USA

Enrique is really friendly and relaxed. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay at his place. It is the perfect place to chill and enjoy the jungle. Would deffinately go back! Thank you Enrique!!

Serena, Australia

Enrique is a laid back, fun guy with a beautiful home and future retreat center in the jungle outside the village Santa Maria. Many Ayahuasca ceremonies take place in his home done by two lovely shamans. There are hammocks to relax in while being surrounded by amazing jungle sounds all day and night. Make sure to bring food and supplies for your stay and you will enjoy every minute of spectacular hospitality. I ended up staying way longer than planned because I fell in love with the jungle. Thanks for everything Enrique, until burningman next year ;D

Sarah, USA

Staying with Enrique was quite a treat. Enrique met us in Iquitos and we travelled together to his place, this made finding it very easy =D We slept in hammocks in a hut in the jungle, that belongs to a family he is friends with. We really enjoyed having a break from electricity and internet, disconnecting and enjoying the simple jungle life with him and the family.

Muchas Gracias Enrique! We had a wonderful time and hope we can return one day, also you are always welcome with us!

Chelsey, Germany

Enrique es un muy bien anfitrión!!!! Super recomendable, amigable, también nos dio muy buena información sobre iquitos y lugares para visitar. Una persona muy interesante para conocer y compartir!! Gracias por todo!!! Nos vemos pronto!!

Julia, Argentina