La Luna del Amazonas

Ayahuasca retreat outside Iquitos, Peru

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Testimonials from our guests:

Enlightenment in The Jungle - Blogpost from one of our visitors

A visitor talks about her experience in a podcast 🔊 .

La Luna del Amazonas, The Best Healing Centers in Peru -

Dr. Tracy, PhD, Psychologist, about her ayahuasca experiences at La Luna del Amazonas

Dr. Tracy, PhD, Psychologist, in Counseling Psychology from UT-Austin and trained at Harvard Medical School. She's also a certified yoga teacher and meditation teacher. In this video she talks about her ayahuasca experiences in the Peruvian amazon. This was her third time visiting La Luna de Amazonas, and she talks about the development of the center, her relationship to mother Ayahuasca and how it helps her in her profession as a therapist.

Josh Gates from Expedition Unknown and his ayahuasca experience at La Luna del Amazonas.

Josh Gates from Expedition Unknown and his ayahuasca experience at La Luna del Amazonas.

“I wanna be clear about something, really clear. This is not an endorsement of drugs, I don't do drugs. Ayahuasca is very powerful, and it can be dangerous, it has killed people, but to the people of the Amazon, this isn't a drug. This is a medicine that awakens the soul.”

“Soon, Im no longer in this hut. I'm not even on this planet. Ayahuasca is taking me to a spirit realm, one that I could barely comprehend.”

“It was beautiful, It was profound, It was very terrifying, It was all those things. All at once sometimes. But it was bigger than me. It was much bigger than me.”

“The Ayahuasca allowed the ancient people here, and for a brief time me, to touch a hidden universe, It was the most religious experience in my life. “

-Josh Gates

You can watch the full episode (s06e04) on Discovery Go.

Russel about his ayahuasca experience at La Luna del Amazonas

Blanca and Bryce went to the jungle for two ayahuasca retreats. In this video they are talking about their experience with the medicine, and also takes the opportunity to encourage people of all ages to work with ayahuasca.

This episode was recorded at La Luna del Amazonas for French television during 2018

Henrik from Sweden

Henrik from Sweden talks about his experience at La Luna del Amazonas. Recorded May 2019.

David went to La Luna del Amazonas for a 10 day ayahuasca retreat. In this video he tells us about his experience, and follows up from his home 3 month after the retreat.