La Luna del

Ayahuasca retreat outside
Iquitos, Peru

Before your retreat

1. Medical guidelines

Before you book your retreat make sure you have read our medical guidelines.

2. Preparation diet

We don't require you to go on a hardcore diet before your retreat, however we encourage you to eat as healthy as possible, always :)

You don't need to exclude salt or sugar or oils, but if you normally have a high intake you can reduce them, and stay away from processed foods as much as you can, this way you might experience less physical purge, and can jump directly to the mental and spiritual purges.

We do strongly recommend you to stay away from pork meat at least 1 week prior to your retreat and 48 hours prior you should avoid alcohol and sexual activity.

The diet is much more important once you have the medicine in your body, to let it process properly, and once your retreat starts you will be served a diet that is optimal for the medicine to do it's magic.

The reson for this is, when we exclude salt, sugar and oils, we open up and become very sensitive to absorb any energies around us. This is of course great if you are at a safe and peaceful place, like our center in the jungle, but could be potentially harmful if you're living in the city and are around all kinds of energies that you wanna be protected from.

Traditionally the shamans do all their dietas in isolation for this reason. Doing it around people in the city or when spending time on airports generally not a great idea unless you want to absorb those energies.

On the other hand, once your retreat starts you will also start your diet here, and after your retreat it's important to stay away from a few things for some time so that you don't cut the process of the medicine. You will get your post-diet restrictions from our shamans the last day of your retreat in order to be able to integrate and incorporate all the light and healing energies that you have received from mother ayahuasca during your stay.

3. Flight tickets

Book your flight tickets to Iquitos (IQT). You will arrive at the international airport in Lima, Peru before boarding a plane to your final destination of Iquitos, Peru.

There are many great places to stay in Iquitos!

4. Arrival day:

At arrival we will pick you up at 11 AM in Iquitos.

Along the boat ride to Santa Maria from Iquitos on the Amazon river there is a good possibility we might see pink dolphins.

After you have settled in your room we will have lunch and everyone will have a chance to meet the Shamans and staff. We will then take a walk around the grounds and get everyone acquainted with the property.

5. Enjoy your stay!

Our retreats are all inclusive, and you only need to bring your toothbrush. But we do recommend that you also bring: