La Luna del

Ayahuasca retreat outside
Iquitos, Peru

Sample program

Our program was developed to support your healing process and spiritual development rather than offer as many activities as possible. (Book your action/adventure trip at another opportunity when not working with the medicine)

When working with mother Ayahuasca, its very important to have enough time for self reflection, processing and integration of the experience.

We do instead offer a small but very interesting library, peace, healing energy from the plants and wild animals that surrounds us, and one scheduled boat tour to Monkey Island and the pink dolphins where you are very welcome to swim!

Day 1. Monday:

Day 2. Tuesday:

Day 3. Wednesday:

Day 4. Thursday:

Day 5. Friday:

Day 6. Saturday:

Day 7. Sunday:

Workshop examples: Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Tai Chi, Medicinal plant tour, Ayahuasca planting, Ayahuasca brewing, TAPM - Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine, etc .

Flower baths