La Luna del Amazonas


Included in all retreats

  • Circle meetings
  • One-on-one consultation with shamans and facilitators
  • Flower showers
  • Remedies from shaman
  • Individual healing and personal attention during group ceremonies
  • Delicious organic food
  • Participation in the preparation of the ayahuasca cooking process
  • Nature hikes, boat tours and other activities
  • Trip to Isla del Mono (Monkey Island) with a variety of friendly monkeys, sloths, anacondas (not friendly), birds, turtles, etc*.

* Not included in our 4-day or shorter retreats.

4-day retreat

The shortest stay we offer, and popular with experienced users. You will have two ayahuasca ceremonies and personal healing from the shamans. The consultation will also provide you with tools on how to integrate your experience.

  • 2 ayahuasca ceremonies

Price: $475

7-day retreat

Over the four ayahuasca ceremonies the shamans will work through and harmonize the four elements and remove energetic blockages through personal healing. The retreat is very intense and a big part of the work continues when you go back home. Our shamans will support you during your stay and provide you with tools to help you integrate your experience. You will also be able to correspond after you return home with any questions you might have.

  • 4 ayahuasca ceremonies

Price: $850

14-day retreat, Disconnect & Reconnect program

This retreat offers the same features as the 7 day retreat with the option of partaking in up to 8 Ayahuasca ceremonies.

  • Up to 8 ayahuasca ceremonies.

Price: $1550

Customized ayahuasca retreats, minimum 10-days

  • Individual customized program according to your needs
  • Includes up to 4 ayahuasca ceremonies per calender week
  • Includes all tours and workshops
  • Flowerbaths
  • Circle meetings and 1-on-1 sessions with shamans.
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Kambo

Price: $110 per night

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Yoga is the cessation of fluctuations of the mind.

Yoga is a holistic discipline that includes practices like asanas (postures) pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation practiced to improve our physical, mental and emotional health as well as to reach a higher state of consciousness.


Asanas are the physical postures practiced to balance the body and mind, improve strength, flexibility and health and clear the mind in preparation for meditation. Asanas are also recognised as a stress reduction practice.


In Sanskrit, pranayama means “the expansion of the vital energy”. It consists of breathing techniques done to cleanse and purify the body and mind. Depending on the technique, pranayama can cal an agitated mind, cleanse a sick body or energise an overexerted body. In yoga philosophy, breath is the bridge between body and mind, thus pranayama helps us build a deeper connection between these two.


Meditation is a practice done to train the mind in order to induce a mode of consciousness, promote relaxation, build internal energy, and develop compassion, love, patience and forgiveness. Practiced since antiquity throughout many cultures and religions, it is used as a way to clear the mind and even aid with problems such as high blood pressure, depression and anxiety.

An authentic and transformational experience

The retreats are very intense, and many guests have transformational experiences and describe the retreats as life changing events.

Don Guido and Don Beningno use ayahuasca the traditional way, with wisdoms from the past. You will be receiving personal healing and attention from each of our shamans.

In the traditional way, they will work through the four elements during your ayahuasca ceremonies.

Pick up in Iquitos and translations in many languages available. Please inquire through e-mail.

The retreats include pick up and drop off in Iquitos and a one hour beautiful scenic boat ride to our center.

While our shamans speak only Quechua or Spanish, our facilitators translate into English and Swedish.