La Luna del Amazonas

Ayahuasca retreat outside Iquitos, Peru

Safety protocol

Safety is our highest priority and our facilities was built to provide a safe environment for our guests. Not only are you in the natural setting where the ayahuasca medicine grows naturally, but our highly experienced shamans and facilitators and our safety protocol enables you the optimal setting for a safe experience. Our staff, facilitators and healers are familiar with our protocol and is team working for your safety in case of emergency. We have implemented serious safety protocols for any emergency that might arise.

Parts of our safety protocol includes:

  • Small groups with maximum 12 participants
  • Full first aid kits at the center
  • CPR and first-aid certified facilitators and Staff
  • Medical doctor in Iquitos with direct number
  • 24/7 transport to Iquitos from our center. Travel time with speed boat: 40 minutes
  • Medical screening of all guests
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Minimum one (depending on the number of guests) facilitator every ceremony, supervising and supporting our ceremonies (not drinking ayahuasca)
  • After care in the maloka (temple) as long as needed. Provided by western facilitators and/or our healers.
  • Highly experienced Shamans from a long lineage of healers with high ethics
  • Facilitators with more than 500+ individual ceremonies and experience of psychedelic harm reduction and familiar with the pillars of the work of the Zendo project provided by
  • Integration work and support with facilitators/healers after your visit.
  • Ayahuasca diet meals prepared by our experienced chef with many years working at ayahuasca retreat centers
  • Program adapted to your healing process with plenty of time for self reflection rather than packed with activities. (Book your adventure tours at another opportunity when not working with the medicine)
  • Our medicine is brewed on site with fresh ingredients by our shamans and includes only the leaves of chacruna and the ayahuasca vine. Nothing else is added.